Let Me Tell You What My Roommates Did-

I work with the sweetest kids. I only say “kids” because they are younger than me and all of them are super precious. My co-workers are battling through the tough years of late teens-early 20’s. We’re talkin’- college classes, girlfriend/boyfriend drama, roommate horror stories, you get the idea…

I just love this age group. Some are still living at home and wondering how to get out on their own. Some moved out on their own and now have a job, roommate, and manage to make it to some classes but still don’t know that you actually have to pay for car insurance in order to have car insurance.

Some of them, I am sure, look at me like an old married lady- but, I love our little pockets of “free time” that I get to talk to these kids about life.

Me: How are you??

Them: Umm…fine.

Me: Yeah, but like HOW ARE YOU DOING?!

Them: I mean, I have a test that I have not studied for, and Snap Chat (Don’t know what this is? Me either.) isn’t working, but, I do have enough money for a Snickers bar for lunch. So, it is actually a pretty good day.

See?!? How can you not just adore this optimism for life??

In my struggle and need to fit in I often tell them stories of what goes on at our home. That is how my husband and children are now lovingly referred to as my “roommates” at work. Because living with Lydia and Betsy is basically like living in a mental institution for little people, my co-workers are oddly interested in what my roommates are up to almost on a daily basis. All too often now I am asked, “Any more stories of what your Roommates are up to?”

My latest stories from the home front have included:

  • Lydia telling us that when she wears her green ring she can only speak in Spanish. (My Spanish speaking co-workers love when I tell them the new words Lydia is trying to say. They also are teaching me some words that I can then teach to Lydia because Lydia’s Spanish right now basically sounds like she is summing spirts from the dead and speaking in tongues.)
  • Worms. (This will be another story for another time. Let’s just say its not the kind of earth worms you would bait a hook with.)
  • Lydia coming home from dance class and telling us that she will not be going to class next week because she has been told she just needs to enjoy Spring. (Or, more commonly known as SPRING BREAK.) I told them that if I know Lydia, and as her Momma I like to pretend that I do, I bet you a whole $1.00 she wakes up next week on the day of dance class and says something along the lines of: “Ahh, Spring. I am ready to enjoy you.” One thing about Lydia is, if you tell her something to do-most of the time she will do it as if her life depended on it. Let me clarify though, if you tell her to enjoy Spring, she is all over it. If you ask her to pick up toys or to put something away, all of a sudden she has developed a hearing problem. (Note to self: get her hearing checked.)
  • When my sweet husband called up to the store to ask about what was in the Crock Pot for dinner, that sparked a story about Joshua. Remember me sharing with y’all about how these kids are young and figuring out relationships? Well, often times they ask me how I knew I was ready to get married? Or how long did Joshua and I date before we got married? (This is another reason why I just love this age: they are information seekers!)

What I hope my co-workers see in all of this is that I love my roommates, dearly. I hope they see how much Joshua and I love these little ones and pray they follow Jesus.