Betsy Lou

We are fast approaching Betsy’s 2nd birthday (What. The. Heck?!)
Here is where we are right now with Miss. Bets:
  • She out eats everyone in the family.
  • She thinks her nipples are in her armpits.
  • She has a favorite spot on the couch and if are sitting in it, she will straight up body slam you until you move. Just ask Lydia.
  • If you burp or fart in front of her- she will congratulate you with a thumbs up.
  • She knows about 20 words and one of them is “TV show” because we have our priorities in order around here.
  • If hotdogs are served for the meal, she will have AT LEAST two, please and thank you.
  • She loves all the animals.

Our sweet Betsy is challenging, and stubborn. She is kind, and beautiful. I can tell she will be a leader. I hope she chooses to lead others to Jesus and always ALWAYS gives people a thumbs up when they burp.

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