Dear, Lydia

I had the best intentions to get this letter to you on your birthday but, life. It once again has bested me. Even so, my words to are still true- I love you sweet, Lydia Belle. 

You are five now. Writing that out is just as weird as saying it out loud. FIVE. I remember, so clearly, being wheeled into the NICU sobbing and praying for you to be big enough for us to finally be able to bring home from the hospital. Prayers heard, and answered. Now I wish for time to slow down. Just creep along a little slower so I do not miss anything. 

I am thinking back to the time when I found out that you were growing in my belly. What I am realizing now is the incredible lesson you would teach Daddy and me. You taught us both so many things, but one of the biggest things I learned from you is how powerful love can be.

I do not remember a lot from when I was five so I thought I would jot down some notes for you to reference as you get older.

  • It can be 90 DEGREES OUTSIDE and you will insist on wearing long sleeves, pants, and some sort of sweater because, “I feel a bit chilly, mom.”
  • Every evening around 6:30/7 you want to make sure that we are on track to have milk and watch a little TV before bed. Especially if we are not home at the time, you will want to make sure we will leave at the appropriate time.
  • Speaking of evening are partial to “black and white shows” ie: The Dick Van Dyke Show, and Andy Griffin. We recently have introduced you to Full House and you are a big fan. 
  • You can count to 100, but you always leave out number 16. 
  • You love my (the recipe actually comes form my momma) tortilla soup something fierce. 
  • You are very into speaking Spanish lately, even though you do not actually know any Spanish words.
  • When you ask for a cup of juice, you ask us to put water in it because “it tastes better that way.” (Who are you??)
  • You do not care to eat salad any longer because “it takes too long to eat.”

You are my best friend, and I love you deeply. I pray for you daily.

Love forever,



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