Listen up. 

One of my favorite spots in our new home is standing at the kitchen sink. 

See, right above our kitchen sink is a window. Right outside that window is a large pecan tree. (This tree makes pecans the size of my fist, for realz.) (Okay, not for real, but close.) 

I stand here often, because I guess I am the only one in my family who can wash dishes. (Eye roll.) I stand here, going through the motions of washing dishes, and my mind starts to wander. 

Sometimes, it is little things like: did the plants get watered? Did the kids eat enough vegetables today? And sometimes it is more pressing issues like: Should I get bangs?

As I dip the dishes into the warm, sudsy water- my mind has drifted elsewhere again. I have been consumed, lately, with the thoughts of things I wish I could tell my younger self. You know, the me that thought she had everything figured out at the ripe ol’ age of 18? (Okay, 16.)

  • You cannot leave your house for school 10 minutes late, stop for coffee, and still think you are going to get you and your brother to school on time. (Sorry, Marshall.)
  • Shorts can cover your whole bottom AND still be cute. 
  • Your parents know that you are lying. Just tell the truth, for the love.
  • Please do not stop going to class for a boy. School is sexy, too. 

I reached out to a handful of my sweetest friends- curious about what they would tell their younger self. Most had just about the same answer:

Do not worry so much with pleasing everyone around you, and love yourself for who you are.

They are so right. Those things made my list, too. 

But, here is the thing: would we have listened if someone tried to tell us this when we were younger? Not me. But, then again, I knew everything already at that age- remember?

Young girls, put the cell phone down and pick up a book. Stay in some nights and play a board game with your family. Listen more, and put on sunscreen, for crying out loud. 


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