You are not all that. Now, pass the chips. 

I have sort of this running joke with my parents about having an “all about me” phase when I was a teenager. They ask me if I remember certain things that happened back then, and I would have to tell them that if it took place during a time in my life where was only concerned with myself, then no. I more than likely do not remember. I think this is normal at that age. Hopefully I was not the only one who thought that the most important thing in the whole world was how I looked, and if my cell phone had enough battery to text with my friends all night. 

Because I was the master of only caring about myself, I believe it has given me the ability to notice when others are in their prime “all about me” phase. Lately I have had several interactions with grown up, adult, human beings who have shown me that maybe some people do not ever grow out of this phase.

I bring this up, not to shame anyone. Oh no, that is not my intention at all. Maybe just to bring to light: Hey, that was mildly cute when you were a teenager but not so much anymore. 

Now, this has been pressing on my heart (hard) for a few days. The frustration I get when I see others being selfish with their words and actions has been at an all time high lately. If I can be completely honest, what I would love to do is: remind some people that the world does not revolve around them. Maybe I could remind them of this with a “love punch”? You know, just lightly. So they can remember for next time. However, I feel like the Lord is calling me in another direction. (Honest recent prayer: Jesus, are you sure I shouldn’t just slap a little sense into this person? “No, Andrea, let us show them grace and forgiveness.” Okay, but are you sure that you’re sure?)

I understand that it is human nature to care about our own feelings first. But, what if….I know that this might seem crazy……we stopped and thought about how this might negatively impact someone. 

I have been teaching Lydia (age 4) to think about others first since she was old enough to understand. IT IS HARD. Plus, it is really hard to teach this lesson to someone when you yourself are trying to learn it. Y’all, we have got to though. As grown ups, we have to set an example. It is not all about you. It is not all about me. Think about your people. Love them and cheer them on.

Have you done anything resently that was hard or that made you uncomfortable but helped someone else? Made someone’s day? Could be something as small as a few words of encouragement. Or something HUGE like letting your husband have the last slice of pizza. I do not know what could be more selfless than that.