Flowers & Friendships. 

Let me begin by mentioning, quickly, how I used to feel about flowers, house plants, or basically anything you could drop some money on but has a 50/50 chance that it could die. I believed that it was a total waste of time and money. Why? Why invest in something that may or may not work out in the end? I cannot tell you how many times I have said, “I don’t care about flowers. They just die, and then you throw them in the trash.” SO MANY TIMES. It is similar to why Phobe from Friends did not like to receive flowers. Although, I do not hold a funeral for them when they die- I just might hold a funeral for that $20 that was wasted, though. I mean, that’s like FOUR of my favorite drinks from Starbucks. I just did not get it. However, do not lose hope in me yet, people…

Several years ago, I was a wishin’ and a hopin’ for a good friend to come into my life. Maybe another wife and/or momma, that loves Jesus,  and donuts. Oh, and someone who would sip iced coffee with me while we laugh about dumb things. That is not asking too much, right? Well, prayer works y’all. I’m going to tell you about my friend. Let us call her: “Shelly”. Now, Shelly does love Jesus, and donuts. She can drink iced coffee while quoting hilarious scenes from Friends or The Office with me. But, Shelly also likes FLOWERS AND HOUSE PLANTS. 

Our friendship, over the years, has formed a sister-like bond. She has taught me many things, shown me how to love and care for others with a happy heart, having just ONE MORE DONUT is completely fine and that it’s okay to cough up some money on fresh flowers.

I think for me- I would always look at the flowers and wonder how many more days we have before they start to wilt and die. I was only focused on them dying. Part of what I believe I have learned from Shelly is to enjoy the time they are alive. Do not look at them and think about their death, but the beauty they are offering now.

These succulents above come from a morning well spent at the succulent farm with Shelly. I was reading about house plants one evening, way past my bed time. I became extremely interested on the idea that house plants can help clear the air. Y’all, I know it COULD all be in my mind, but I’ll be damned if I didn’t start choking right then and there on the thick, unclean air in my home. HOW HAVE WE BEEN LIVING IN THIS FOG?!

The great thing about Shelly is I can wake up the next morning, tell her we are choking on death air, and she will drop everything and meet me at the farm. So, with our babies in tow, we walked the whole farm in search of the perfect additions to our home. 2 Friends, 3 babies, 1 stroller, ALL THE SNACKS, diaper bags and a wagon filled with plants and veggies. We made our way through the whole farm touching all the things, reminding the littles that cacti are pokey, and finding a tiny, wobbly table to change diapers.

People,  hear me when I tell you: whatever your stance may be on fresh flowers and house plants, having a sister-friend like Shelly is a no-brainer. Someone to remind you to calm down and enjoy beautiful things.

So, if you usually walk past the floral department of your favorite grocery store- go in next time. If you end up spending $20 on flowers, feel free to blame it on Shelly. 

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