“Stop talking. Stop talking now.” -Chandler Bing

I have been writing this blog post in my head for weeks now. Every night I think that I am going to get the girls in bed and then sit down to do some writing. But, every night, Netflix wins. It is stronger than me. However, I am taking a break from Netflix (WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?!) to read and write more. <– That sentence sounds cheesier than I mean it too. To be completely honest, though, I will still be watching the show This Is Us. (But, I watch it on Hulu, so it’s not completely cheating. GET OFF MY CASE.) Have you guys caught this show yet?? It is great.

Riding in the car with my sweet 4 year old is mostly awesome. I say this in the most lovingly way a momma would say this about her baby. Lydia uses the time in the car to get all of her words out for the day. People are always telling me how well she speaks. I smile and nod, and say thank you. What I really want to tell them is the reason she speaks so well is that she practices all the time. From the time she could form a few words, she just took off and never slowed down.

“Mom, did you see that sign? What does it mean?”

“Mom, are we in our neighborhood?”

“Cement truck!!”

“Mom, I’m hungry.”

“Let’s play a game.”

“Mom, why do we have tongues?”

“Let’s call dad.”

“Mom, Betsy is talking to me.”

“Mom, I saw the number 3!”

Okay, so you get it. Now, I usually am able to keep up with her. I love that she is so curious. One day, however, I was needing to listen to the GPS for directions and Betsy was crying, so I told her we needed to have some quiet time. No talking. After we got where we were going those words: “no talking” were almost haunting me. I felt so guilty for telling her that. I was almost frustrated with myself because I am very aware that one day, probably teenage years, she will choose not to talk to me. I will almost be fighting for her to speak to me. How could I quiet my baby? I let the guilt sink in for most of the rest of the day. It wasn’t until we were getting ready for bed that night that I had a couple of thoughts that gave me a little bit of peace about what had happened that day.

  1. Whatever school looks like for us in the future, Lydia will probably have a teacher that at some point will tell the class, “no talking”. I have a chance now, before we start school, to teach her about times to talk or quiet time. To show her we can be loud outside at the playground, but then maybe use soft voices in the Library. I am learning that she understands rules better if she is shown examples (I believe this carries over into adulthood.)
  2. There are things to learn in the quiet times. I’ll say it louder for the people in the back: There are things to learn in the quiet times. Now, this can be as simple as turning off the TV for a little bit of reading. Or, choosing a quieter date spot to have a personal conversation. But, what really has hit me in the face is that, I need to press the off button myself so that I can hear what God has to say to me. I believe that we have been called to ‘be swift to hear’. Maybe what that looks like is to add a little more quiet time to your day so that you are able to listen.


Y’all. I leave you with this gem of a conversation my parents had…

Mom to Dad: “I think we need to pick up some information about hearing aids for you while we are at Costco.”

Dad to Mom: “Did you ever think that maybe I don’t want to hear all the words that people say to me?”