Arguing about Cheetos.


It is beyond appropriate that my very first blog post be about Cheetos. What is so addicting about this orange dust-covered crunch snack? It had been forever since I had eaten any Cheetos, but when I was pregnant with Betsy someone had left a small bag of them at my house after a party. Not wanting to be wasteful (also being preggo with zero self-control) I popped the bag open to snack away. Que Lydia. How is it that children always know when you are about to eat something without them? Sometimes I have to call her name 3-4 times before she hears me, but I crinkle a food wrapper and she comes running.

L: Mom, can I have one?

Me: probably wont like it. They are kinda spicy.

L: Oh, ok, nevermind.

I lied. It is still debatable to whether or not it was because I didn’t want her to know about Cheetos, or I just didn’t want to share.

Now since that incident I will tell you that Lydia has tried Cheetos and like everyone else in the world-loves them. Just today she saw some on a shelf and asked if she could have some. I told her no, and that we needed to have lunch. There was quite a bit of back and forth about how we can have cheese balls (why, oh why, do cheese balls exist??) for lunch, and I had to tell her that cheese balls are not real food. “Umm…mom…yes they are. You can eat cheese balls.” Five minutes later, Im still arguing with my 3-year-old. You might be thinking at that point just give her some friggin’ Cheetos. But no, it is worth it to me to have this conversation with her. Why? Because I want better for her. The day will come when she can make her own choices about food, but for right now, it is up to Josh and I.

I was hit with this thought:

Let’s replace Cheetos with sin. Cheetos = sin, got it? You with me? Okay, so God is telling me: “Andrea, no, we don’t need to _____ (fill in the blank with sin of choice).” Just like Lydia chose to make her case about eating Cheetos for lunch, I’m trying to justify my sin to God. I am thankful for a God who will listen when I try to argue with Him. Why does He do this? I believe it is because He wants better for me.


2 thoughts on “Arguing about Cheetos.

  1. He always wants better than we can even imagine! Why are Cheetos so tasty? Couldn’t tell you the last time I had any either?


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